Thursday, December 1, 2011

Engineering a Music Video?

So despite being an electrical engineer and working full time at IRL and WelTec I rather enjoy playing in the entertainment industry:
Some past work includes Sleepeater and Walk Through Fire there are also a few other projects that I'm not that keen on talking about in a forum as public as this...

Anyways all these projects have involved me doing roles like special effects so I've never "directed" anything... Until now...

Enter Alphashift a band of guys who I know through work. In short they make music and I like messing about with cameras... So it was only natural to make a music video with them.

Here is where the "Music video for a band" stereotypes finish... You may think it's a little strange that an electrical engineer is directing a music video? Well things are going to get stranger still when I introduce some of the cast and crew:

Jonathan Otto: Director of Photography and Mechatronics Engineering student.
Mike Williams: Camera Operator, Brains and Automation Engineer.
Fred Glover: Bassist for Alphashift and Software Engineering student.
Innes Hutchison: Drummer for Alphashift and Civil Engineer.
Trevor Molloy: Guitarist for Alphashift and Automation Engineer.

Yes a slightly unusual group of people to be shooting a music video :) And here's the final result: