Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Home for a Light Shade

The time has come for parts of the Silly Light to find a new home... Mainly the ridiculous lamp shade as it's taking up a lot of space in the workshop.

I'm sure that there are many different uses for such an interesting creation... Much more exciting than what has been done with it here...

Here's the deal: If you can come up with a creative use for the lamp shade it's yours on the minor condition that I may ask to borrow it back from time to time.
Included will be all the chain, eyebolts and shackles which allow it to be hung from a single point.

Light fittings such as the street light or high bay are not included: However if you have a particularly cool idea for an installation involving the light shade then we can negotiate :-)

Please note: Said light shade is located in New Zealand... Moving it overseas is likely to be silly.
Also, should you wish to install this awesome piece of modern art in your home...

Don't have a suitable home? Then make a suggestion as to what should be done with this rather unique piece of plywood sculpture.

I suppose the other way to phrase the question is: Does anyone with a 6+ metre high lounge ceiling want a huge octagonal creation made of plywood?