Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another New Toy to Build!

Firstly a little history:

A while ago the rapid prototyper at work let some of it's magical blue smoke out. While discussing the options around the round table, I suggested we look at the RepRap project.

About two weeks later I was emailed a shipping confirmation telling me that our shiny new RapMan kit from Bits from Bytes was on it's way.

Now that exams, pyrotechnics, a music video and visiting family are all over I've been able to get started on the build.

First Impressions:

My camera barfed while writing to it's memory card so I lost the unpacking pics :(

A lot of the laser cut acrylic parts have stress fractures in them :( I've only seen this happen after cleaning laser cut acrylic with xylene before.

After three days I now have a cubical structure assembled that is proving very difficult to get square.

Adding to the fun I managed to break a couple of the acrylic parts... Solvent welding the breaks with trichloroethelene works but it takes aaaaaaagggges to dry. Where did I hide that tube of super glue?

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