Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Cannon

This creation is a new attachement built to go with the pNuke system of pneumatic mortars. These have been used for such fun as attempting to break the sound barrier and all kinds of effects in Shihad's Sleepeater.

Mike Bailey put me on to The Rock's Perfect Pie challenge... To build the world's greatest pie launcher. The PiNuke was the result....

Usually all pNuke plumbing is 50mm, now I wanted the pies to be shot intact complete with wrapper for effect. This required the new barrel to be approximately 100mm in diameter to fit a Big Ben pie whole.

A length of 100mm steel pipe was sourced along with a 50mm to 100mm bell reducer and a 50mm male BSP fitting.

The parts were Tig welded together in record time (there was only a week available for the competition)

A quick video was shot and edited the next day just in time to enter, turns out frozen pies at speed inflict rather a lot of damage to microwave ovens...

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I took the cannon away on holiday with me (weird I know) ZacJonathan and myself set about launching some nefariously fun projectiles such as fence posts with the cannon.

Fun with a cannon and cameras down on the farm
The cannon was strapped to an unsuspecting tree and much fun ensued... Of note: Dead leaves used as waddings and the flying soft drink bottles.

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