Friday, March 16, 2012

Light With No Sense of Proportion: More Parts

Today I was only able to procure parts for the ridiculous light. There is more work to be done this weekend.

I found the shackle and gate hanger for fixing the chain to the end of the pipe..

I purchased a 150Watt High pressure sodium street light fitting on Trademe for the grand total of $31 and a matching Philips SON-T bulb from Cory at Advance Electrical So yes this project is now going to have a rather "HEMP" aesthetic, but I think that will add to the fun.

There is another dimension to add to the silliness of this project: Around here a lot of the street lights are fitted with strings of festoon lamp holders for festive purposes...  The pic below more or less gives you an idea of what they look like during the day:

Now I have such a string left over from the Walk Through Fire video for Cobra Khan 
Does the arm need to be fitted with these lights?
Is "only" 150Watts going to be powerful enough?

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