Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Testing: The Light With No Sense of Proportion

I did a test with a 400W Mercury Vapour HighBay and started finalising the suspension hardware.
A test with the bare bulb hanging in the workshop proved without a doubt that the light output has a very prominent green tinge. I was also a little disappointed with the light output.

While I left the luminare running to allow mumbling at it I set about shortening the chains and temporarily hanging it off the end of a 6m length of scaffolding pipe I had handy.

That ugly flange is going to be replaced by a repurposed KEE gate hanger with a big shackle.
With the three phase variac on the end of the pipe as a counter weight, I precariously balanced the pipe on the rim of Big Scary Fan™

This thing is actually starting to come together :-) Next on the list is to make a stand to support the pipe and find a better light source.

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