Saturday, April 21, 2012

Building a Ballet Barre

My Sister has been getting more into her ballet recently, she asked me about the possibility of building her a portable barre.
Not one to do things by half and being rather inclined to build industrial furniture and lighting, there was only one material to build this creation out of...... STEEL!

This will probably be the final use for my pile of 32mm steel pipe and matching Kee Fittings. The stash has seen in previous lives, use in a bed been a scaffolding in a music video and more recently as a frame to support the big scary light.

I set about cutting the steel pipe into the appropriate lengths with my friction cutoff saw,
and assembled the frame:

Presently the frame is sitting on four corner couplers, I intend to make something fancy up involving locking casters and perhaps some 3D printed clamps.

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